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Sheridan (Wyo) High School Alumni welcome you to our web(SA)site.


Click here to Explore Sheridan by Tim Doolin Photography 
Click here for Sheridan Xmas 2018 by Tim Doolin Photography 
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I-90 exit behind the flour mill (Wyo Hwy Dept image)>

Bighorn Mountains (SheridanMedia image) 

William Kimmel WILLIAMS 1922 - 1944 SHS 1940
Esther Nellie ASPAAS Booras 1920 - 1992 SHS 1939
Raymond Clifford BARBER 1916 - 1974 SHS 1937
Frances E. BELISH Silla 1918 - 2006 SHS 1937
Ada Effie BLOXOM Peterson 1918 - 1991 SHS 1937
This website is provided by donations from alumni and the Earl Plumbtree (SHS69) Memorial Fund Check out the Main Street pictures. Click on the link above.

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Chuck Bentzen's Observations in Sheridan
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National Weather Service Radar from Billings

Current radar image by COD
Sheridan area radar
sat picture
Infrared Image

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